Live With Us – with COUNTRY ROAD.

ON THE ROAD: With COUNTRY ROAD X Live With Us // THE BLUE MOUNTAINS. I started out on this journey heading in the direction of the unknown. That’s the true freedom and beauty of the open road. You get to discover more of Australia with the windows down, hair blowing wild in the wind, nostalgic songs and good company – all of which makes heart sing. To start, we arose in the darkness and watched the sky break into a new day through my front window. We had a plan without a plan: just make it to the Blue Mountains, …

The Scenic Rim with Kathmandu Gear

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” –  Jack Kerouac, On the Road: the Original Scroll. Maintaining an active lifestyle and always dreaming my next adventure, big or small, near or far. Camping is a fantastic way to get outdoors, to escape the bustle of everyday life and find some stillness, some peace and tranquility in nature — to reset. Testing out the new summer gear and exploring the Scenic Rim with Kathmandu Gear and my beautiful, new friend Anne Carolien Köhler Sharing moments, making memories. …Leave No Trace. M. xx

Breathtaking South Africa

I’d had been looking forward to heading to South Africa for quite some time and before I left everyone kept saying to me “Oh you just wait, you’re absolutely going to love it.” and LOVE it I did. I have to admit I had no idea what to expect, I mean, I knew it was going to be a beautiful destination, but I don’t think I was prepared for just HOW beautiful it is. And true to my nature, I spent most of the days completely overwhelmed and pinching myself at the sheer natural beauty, close encounters with wild animals …

Micro-Adventures with TEVA

Taking a break whenever I can back in Australia and visiting all my favourite places to just “be.” A chance to recenter and immerse myself in the beauty that is a place, which I am lucky enough to call home. Kick starting a micro-adventure series with TEVA Australia. // Please head to the full blog post here. Get out there! M. x


Checking in from paradise.  Recently I had the opportunity to visit Bali with my beautiful, beautiful friend and roommate Chelsea. A girls trip combining a holiday with work, which was perfectly timed – – we spent some time getting back to our roots, taking the moment to appreciate every day and a new rising sun, exploring Bali, slowing down, practising yoga and eating incredible, nourishing food. Collecting memories not things. ✧ As mentioned before – it’s the people and their land that really make the place for me. And there are some really amazing people in Bali working with very respectable and …

The Northern Rivers

We are all visitors here, in this time, in this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow and to love, and then we return home. – Australian Aboriginal proverb Spent some time with good hearts in my soul place. It’s so good to be home. M. x  

Vanuatu: I S L A N D S P I R I T •

The world is huge and we are tiny. Explore it. ✧♡• In just under two and a half hours from Brisbane you can escape to paradise.  You know those places that you instantly connect with, that pull at your heartstrings in an unfamiliar but almost comforting way? Calling you back again so much so that you spend days dreaming about your return, before you even leave? I was pleasantly surprised and completely blown away with the incredible untouched beauty of Vanuatu. Just over a year ago the devastating category 5 cyclone Pam was regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in the history …

The Pacific Coast Way – Brisbane to Cairns

Life is not about milestones, but moments • The open road, fresh air in our lungs and laughter filling our bellies: eight days on the road with Tourism Queensland and Toyota Australia.  One of my biggest photo updates this year. I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have spent time with good friends exploring all the natural wonders of my home state along The Pacific Coast Way, a 1700km stretch linking Brisbane to Cairns. When your world is full of possibilities and when you’re constantly seeking the new and different, what better way to get straight into the action than by hitting …

The Grand Pacific Drive

The stars will remind us of the beauty in our struggles and we won’t feel so lost anymore •∘∙∞ I recently spent a week on the road with some of my favourite Australian Photographers/Instagrammers and friends. We took the Grand Pacific coastal drive which starts in the Royal National Park, less than an hour south of Sydney and makes its way through the Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Shoalhaven regions.  Five days on the road feeling small under starry night skies, remembering how to breathe by the ocean with exploding fire-like sunsets, Sing-a-longs and many stitch-inducing laughing fits along the windy country …

City 2 Outback with ETSY Australia, featuring Hobart’s Evie & Essie.

Beautiful things don’t have to cost the Earth • I was recently a part of @etsyau’s #city2outback adventure featuring Evie and Essie, based in the picturesque foothills of Hobart’s Mt Wellington. The Children’s clothing label Evie & Essie is the joint love of best friends and lifelong crafters Suki Hopgood and Sarah Crawford. Suki and Sarah hosted myself and the Etsy team for a few days, showing us around the unique beauty of Hobart with the city and its surrounds being a constant source of both inspiration and escape. “(the) beauty of the Mountain is that it is ever changing – the …

The Top End with Travel Freedom

I was really excited to head back to the Northern Territory, this time to explore a new region and parts of the Top End which I hadn’t yet made it to. The Northern Territory is truly is one of my favourite places in Australia and the world; the natural beauty, culture and that night sky are all second to none. Arriving in Darwin after a short flight from Brisbane, I headed straight to Youth Shack Backpackers to unload my luggage, re-pack my camera gear, grab my tripod and set out on foot in the direction of the beach where I …

The Courier Mail – Luang Prabang highlights.

Today in the Courier Mail with thanks to Linda Silmalis. helloworld x Insider Journeys. “While Laos is often foolishly skipped by travellers, those who do venture here often come for one of two reasons – to learn more of its wartime past or to spend time with its elephants.” Full article HERE.


“I wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me.”  I recently went on a whirlwind (and I really mean whirlwind) adventure to Colombia with Kathmandu. What can I tell you about it? My itch for South America has only just been scratched and I’m left wanting more. We hit the ground running and began filming at the airport in Medellín city. I’ve never hidden that I am not much of a city girl, but I think the cute streets, botanical gardens and salsa-dancing nightlife in Medellín are attractions I’ll go back for. Despite the worst jet lag …

Angeles Crest Highway

“Can we take a ride? Get out of this place, while we still have time.” My heart feels heavy today. Reminiscing on this afternoon drive and always an adventure with you. Still, learning to let go. X

LAOS with Helloworld and Insider Journeys.

Recently I had the unbelievable opportunity to visit “The Land of a Million Elephants,” LAOS with Helloworld and Insider Journeys. I’m going to break this post up into two parts because I’ve travelled to SE Asia multiple times and I hadn’t yet made it to Laos, always adding it to the “I’ll-do-it-next-time-list” and I’ve, as to be expected, fallen head over heals in love with the incredibly, beautiful and untouched country. A short but very rewarding journey rich in atmosphere, stunning natural beauty and culture – I want to urge you to go and to go almost immediately! Secondly, I …

We Are Explorers

A little write up as part of a “Micro Adventure Series” with We Are Explorers – Thank you for including my work and a small story behind each image. See more here. M.x


It’s not very often at all that I photograph editorials, but I’ll definitely make the exception for my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Joanne; the creator of Altham. A day where everything we had planned went out the window and we found ourselves jumping fences, talking our way out of and narrowly escaping serious trouble (My fault – I’m sorry! Always ask permission first), finding rainbows, chasing fading light and waiting for little rain showers to clear. If you are interested in supporting Australian businesses with attention to fine detail, luxurious fabrics and innovative design concepts please head over to …

Smells Like S U M M E R

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” I get jaded by social media, constantly torn between balancing what I do for a living with the direction I want to head in.  Continuously thinking about how I’m contributing to the industry and HOW I can better use a “voice” to make a positive difference.  Sometimes I can be extremely recluse and often disappear for days without warning. I haven’t really tried to hide my ongoing battle with the highs and lows, especially most recently, it’s something I’ve suffered from my entire life and now …

The Streets of Barangaroo

Recently I was invited to Sydney’s newest and exciting waterfront pop up known as the Wulugul Pop Up in the Streets of Barangaroo. A perfect combination of food, culture and harbourside relaxation. I don’t get a chance to visit Sydney very often and it was great to see first hand what’s on offer and spend a few days down there alongside my friend Tara, who I met in Dubai recently, and catching up with my Aunty who coincidentally works above the new promenade and had been raving to me about it just the week before.  A chance to drink fresh lemonade in …

Make it count – ‘Next Step’ With G Adventures

Saturday afternoon just gone I was sitting on the beach for hours with one of my best friends, we were discussing the impermanent nature of life and how ‘when we were younger’ (that sentence itself makes me feel old, but what is age?) we used to have countdowns looking forward to certain events or certain holidays. We both agreed that now life is just propelling forward at an alarming rate and we hardly get time to look forward to a holiday, it’s more just a crazy rush to throw everything in a suitcase the night before (sometimes I’ve done it the morning of) and go, go, go! …


“I wanted to create something tangible and to give back to a country that gave me so much…” // I have just released a limited run of 500 photographic zines with images from #NEPAL. I hope to raise $10,000AUD and donate the *FULL* profits from every sale to relief efforts in Nepal with the support of @intrepidtravel D E T A I L S $25AUD each + postage Zine Size B5 / 60 pages. Limited 500 copies. *Printed locally in Australia on 100% Recycled paper. #NEPALbyMelissaFindley

Hervey Bay with Oceans Resort and Spa Hervey Bay, an Ascend Hotel Collection member.

Recently I was invited to Hervey Bay to stay at the Oceans Resort and Spa Hervey Bay, an Ascend Hotel Collection member who’s passion is to connect their visitors with the local. My Grandparents have lived in Hervey Bay for the last 22 years, so I was really excited to get a chance to head back up to this amazing, little part of Queensland. We took a day trip to the World’s largest sand island, K’gari (Fraser Island). A day well spent exploring the natural beauty of the crystal clear freshwater lake Boorangoora,wandering through Wanggoolba Creek and the beautiful rainforest, driving along the …

New Caledonia for Helloworld AU Relay & World Tourism Day.

One day / 10 photos. One an hour from sunrise to sunset. Bourail to Nouméa, New Caledonia. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen last month I was in New Caledonia. I was invited to this beautiful part of as part of The South Pacific as a part of World Tourism Day for Helloworld AU’s Relay. A fun and challenging day, which definitely had me thinking on my feet and pushed outside my comfort-zone. The idea behind the Hello World AU Relay was to be following my day in “real time” and capture the feeling of being in New Caledonia, creating …

A r a b i a n D r e a m s •

I wanted to do this post a little different to the way I normally do, because we did a lot of seriously amazing things in Dubai and I’ll let the photographs do the talking, but I just wanted to share the personal highlights for me. So, my top things to do in Dubai:  Adventure, adventure, adventure! Dubai is one of the biggest playgrounds in the world. Take a day trip to the Hatta Hajjar Mountains. Just go and go high! The layers of the mountains and alien like landscape is unreal. Plus if you get too hot (which you will) then take …

W o l l o n g o n g.

Wollongong is one destination in Australia I’ve always wanted to visit, so when I booked this job earlier in the year I was really excited about it. It would be a working-reunion of sorts with some of my favourite travel buddies and personal mentors. Plus, my friend and ridiculously talented Photographer Will Patino has been showcasing the best of Wollongong for years now and I couldn’t wait to get down there and see it for myself.  To be completely and candidly honest, I was in a pretty bad place a few weeks ago before I left for the last three back-to-back jobs. …

Golden daze.

I’m currently in-between travel jobs and working on exciting projects, which means I’ve been taking some personal time out for myself lately.. Early mornings and sunrise walks, camping underneath the stars at Mt Barney with one of my oldest and best friends, skinny dipping in the middle of the day with Lexi, World Press photo Exhibition and sitting in the rain for hours with my favourite human on this earth, rock pools and golden afternoons in the bay with my roomie, Aimee, car camping, hours of conversation sitting underneath the moon at Bruns and watching the harvest moon rise. .. And spending any …

Phuket Dusk with Tuula

Any time with you is time well spent. From the floors of the airport to this beautiful destination, with all the highs and lows in-between. Worth every minute. x

L A T E L Y. x

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of low. Here is a snippet of things and people in my life that make it okay. And the times I’ve felt okay to pick up my camera for me. A diary of some sort. Springbrook National park. Sunrise at Burleigh. Sundown on Mount Tambourine. Multiple drives to Byron Bay (always my favourite). A homemade jacket and time well spent with my girl Tay. A sneak peek at something I shot for Altham – Keep your eyes peeled here. SO proud of you Joanne.  Melbourne and the people that make it amazing. Glasshouse Mountains with …

Melbourne Whirlwind.

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.” A much needed and much overdue escape down south to my favourite city in Australia. A whirlwind visit catching up with all of my incredible friends (thank you for everything) and overloading on the best coffee / all my old local restaurants. Nostalgic road trips down to the Mornington Peninsula, car sing-alongs and the always amazing Peninsula hot springs. To top it all off, I became “Aunty” Meli as one of my best friends baby arrived a few days early – little Poppy Lou <3 Not to mention a hot air balloon ride on a …

Into The Wild – Geckos Borneo

From ‘Into The Wild’ in Borneo earlier this year with Geckos Adventures! Intrepid Travel Group has a few films in ‘Adventure in Motion’ short film competition. All you need to do is like this video through the link. Good luck, video legend Drew Dunlop and what a good crew we had!! cc: Lucy Piper, Ella, Daz and Richard. x


Last week I went to Townsville for the first time with Tourism Townsville.  To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I had the greatest time! We ventured from sunset to sunrise on the beautiful Magnetic Island, to Townsville city and Castle Hill, to running around the sugarcane fields and having so much fun in the outback. Thank you for having me Townsville. I have to get back and explore some of the reefs on Magnetic Island. x *Photo 6, 11 & 43 of me, taken by Lauren EP Bath

TURKEY with Flight Centre AU and Busabout Europe – PART II

Recently I went to Türkiye with Flight Centre Australia and Busabout Europe.  Part II of a photo series of a highly recommended trip – and probably my favourite part of the Busabout trip!!Exploring Pamukkale > Saklikent Gorge > Fethiye > The Aegean Sea. “Sleeping overnight in a treehouse and tube-rafting down the icy river of Saklikent Gorge the next morning, basking in the sun and healing waters of the calcium pools of Pamukkale, and jumping off the boat each morning into the aqua waters of the Aegean Sea were some other standout activities for me. I had the absolute time of …

TURKEY with Flight Centre AU & Busabout Europe – PART I

Recently I went to Türkiye with Flight Centre Australia and Busabout Europe. Part I of a photo series of a highly recommended trip – Exploring Istanbul > Gallipoli > Troy > Pergamum > Ephesus. One of the best open air museums in the world // I completely fell in love with Turkey. You can read more in an interview here on the Flight Centre Blog. x (Part II: here)

Broadsheet Sydney Winter Spread – TASMANIA

Earlier this year I collaborated with Broadsheet Sydney & Melbourne for their Winter newspaper – The Dark Heart of Australia: Tasmania. The full photo blog post here and as seen on the Broadsheet site. Nothing like receiving the newspaper and seeing my work in tangible form, along side some of of my photography peers and personal inspirations. M. x

“Travellers Stories” – on & Geckos Tales

Recently I posted a photo story from an amazing trip with Geckos Adventures to Borneo. Here’s a little bit of a behind the scenes story of our climb to Mt Kinabalu as seen on “Travellers Stories” with and more about the entire adventure INTO THE WILD with Gecko’s Tales. “We won’t lie to you: climbing Mt Kinabalu is hard as hell. But this girl is tough as nails and even ran the last 1km to the summit (in the dark, carrying her gear) to make it before the sunrise to set up a shot. (Imagine running UP an escalator that is …

Life as of late.

I love my job and what I do so much, but I also LOVE coming back and spending time adventuring with good friends. What a place to call home. x   

B O R N E O with Geckos Adventures.

When Geckos Adventures originally contacted me for the opportunity to visit Borneo, I was really excited. I was fortunate enough to travel to Borneo the first time at age 16, with my parents and I remember how beautiful it was then, which made me even more excited to re-visit. It’s really interesting for me that 10 years earlier, I was there with my parents panoramic 35mm attempting to capture the Orang-utans and how that came full circle to this opportunity. It was amazing to be able to be there, as an adult and see it again with new eyes… INCREDIBLE! …

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2015.

Recently I was on the Sunshine Coast with Tourism Noosa for the Noosa Festival of Surfing ’15. A few days of exploring the stunning Noosa National Park and the Sunshine Coast hinterland, watching the sky burn orange and not to mention plenty of surfing – including dogs on surfboards. What a beautiful part of Queensland Noosa is! M. x

The Dark Heart of Australia, Tasmania.

Recently Broadsheet sent me to the incredible Tasmania to discover the dark side of Australia. My hidden gem, a walk through the wild in Corinna. A few days completely off the grid (no reception or 4g) in west Tasmania’s best kept secret. I stayed in an old mining area called The Corinna, which is surrounded by ancient rain forests right on the edge of the calming Pieman River and surrounded by mountains. A few days well spent alone, walking through the rainforest, watching the sunset out to sea from the top of Mt Donaldson, the moon illuminating the sky later …

Wanderlust Festival 2015 with Lululemon

Since late last year I have been working on Wanderlust Festival 2015 with Lululemon Athletica. With two visits to the incredibly beautiful Lake Taupo in New Zealand and a weekend on the historic Cockataoo Island in Sydney, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself on a job so much. Yoga, mediation, workshops and an abundance of positive attitude and energy with a great team. Exactly what I needed. Nothing feels greater then to see my work in a tangible form. Feeling privileged to see my images hanging wall size in all Lululemon NZ store windows (and select Australian stores), featured on the Lululemon website and …

An update.

Today was a hard day. Since loosing my mother I have struggled with picking up my camera like I used to. I’m trying to get back on my feet, so in the name of that I updated my blog with the last few months of my life.. M.x

Spring Break in the Grampians

Before leaving for New Zealand I was apart of The Grampians Spring Break campaign. A fun filled few days of chasing light and fog, plenty of hikes, sunrises above the clouds and watching the sky burn then sparkle with the night sky. Hard to believe this is right in our backyard, The Grampians is only 3 hours just outside of Melbourne. Definitely a must do! The beauty speaks for itself here. Just waiting for a weekend explore.

The Sunshine Coast.

Recently I visited the Beautiful Sunshine Coast with Flight Centre Australia and here is a little more about my trip in a small interview here. Hope you enjoy a little piece of my Home state. I love you Queensland.

Behind the scenes of the Australian Traveller front cover story

My second trip to the red centre was one to remember. It’s nice discovering places you don’t know too much about. I try not to do too much beyond the basic research before visiting a place because I find there’s something exciting about getting to a new destination and letting it surprise you.. Admittedly, like most, I did a quick Google map and image search to see why Devils Marbles was the destination of choice for the front cover of this The Bucket List 2014 issue of Australian Traveller and it didn’t take me long to discover why. Except the reality of …

Winter White

I’ve always wanted that cabin in the snow with a fireplace experience and Peppers Rundells Apline Lodge fulfilled that exact fantasy. Only a 5.5hr drive from our home in Melbourne, Steen and I set off along the Great Apline Road. I remember not too long ago someone recommended this drive to me as they knew of my love adventure and since google imaging it I couldn’t get this place out of my head. I’ve known seen snow a total of 5 times, most recently in Lake Wanaka NZ, which was one of the best days of my life, but there’s …

Castles Made of Sand

A big adventure. Sarah, Jackson and I drove for just over 3.5hours to get to this location. And then we got completely lost. After walking for over an hour by the time we got to these dunes we could see where we wanted to be, but had no way of physically getting there within the remaining hours of the day.. Not that it mattered all that much because as usual, nothing goes to plan when you have a plan. Throwing all caution to the wind, with fading daylight, we improvised. Thanks for featuring my work on your site again Live …


Another adventure weekend – – sleeping under the stars, wild storms and moments of sunshine, watching the super moon rise, exploring and visiting new and familiar places with my best friend by my side. Get out. Stay Out. x

You, Me & the Sea

We packed the car and went away for an adventure. Driving around the coast of Phillip Island, seal spotting, rainbow sighting, hiking over cliff tops, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sound of the ocean with my best friend. x

An Afternoon with Natascha Elisa

Landscape and beautiful skies aside, there’s no denying one of my favourite things to work on is portraits. Taking it back to the way I learnt – just me, my camera and my beautiful subject Natascha Elisa. x

Snowy Daze

We visited Marysville last year had such a great time we couldn’t wait for the snow to fall to come back. It’s such a beautiful drive through The Black Spur and past some of our favourite locations in Melbourne. Only 90 minutes away from home and one of the cheapest and funnest ways to waste some time with my best friend. This is only the forth time I have seen snow in my life I think we were the biggest kids there; rolling around, snow angles, snow balls fights, tobogganing races (which I won and Steen didn’t fulfil his part of …

I Know A Place Zine Pre-Order

I’m so excited to share that my first self-published Zine, ‘I Know A Place…’ Is now available for pre-order. Featuring a collection of photographs from my experiences travelling, road-tripping and exploring parts of the world. Pre-order HERE HERE HERE. eeeep!! x

The Red Centre with Jetstar Australia

Recently I was invited on Jetstar Australia’s first flight direct from Melbourne to Uluru. I was SO excited! Now I can finally share some of the photos from our time in The Red Centre. I’m not sure if many people know this but there are some scared sites that you cannot photograph, so I had to wait to get these approved before I could share. I think that’s pretty special, it’s exciting to see something so magnificent up close and see areas of The Rock you wont find in the media. Uluru is beautiful, same goes to Kata Tjuta National Park. I …

Live Fast

Thank you to Live Fast for featuring the recent collection I shot for Few and Far Collective Winter’14. Love. x

Sandy Hair, Wild Hearts.

An editorial at one of my favourite beaches, on a warm winter’s day with two beautiful girls. A brand new swimwear label Eurvin – coming to Australia by summer. Can’t wait! x

A Weekend Getaway: Pepper’s Mineral Springs

Steen and I took a trip to Pepper’s Mineral Springs over the weekend, a much needed weekend away without work (or maybe just a little bit of work) and mostly some time to relax. This was sort of a belated birthday surprise for Steen. I’ve briefly mentioned before that living and working towards your dream means a lot of sacrifice and in this case we finally had a weekend free together to celebrate his birthday.. a month or so late. And what a weekend it was! Since we moved to Victoria, we have visited The Great Ocean Road and Mornington …

The Golden Coast with Flight Centre Australia

Feeling nostalgic over home State sharing these photos from a recent trip to The Gold Coast with Flight Centre. What a privilege to be able to spend a few days exploring through the enchanting hinterland and some of the best beaches Queensland has to offer. I grew up driving down to the Gold Coast as often as I could to visit these beaches and it was nice to see it in a different light.. maybe made me want to move back to The Sunshine State. We were shown around by local photographer Sean Scott who is an absolute legend, taking us …

Just Me and You

Living and working together so hard towards one goal and one dream.. can be really rewarding and can be really challenging. I might look glamorous from the outside in, but the fact is we haven’t had a day to spent together “just us” with no work involved in a long while. So we took a drive. A drive to no where and this is what we found. An afternoon with some time to waste, doing exactly what we have always done. x

New Zealand with Flight Centre Australia: Part II

Flying into Queenstown was one of the scariest moments of my flying life. Besides one ridiculous flight from OC to SF a few years ago, but I don’t want to remember that one. When the pilot announced that we were expecting turbulence, he wasn’t lying. It was an internal struggle between looking out the window, trying to take photos of the INSANE mountain ranges and trying to hold onto the seat (because for some reason I feel that holding on tightly is going to help save me?!). I was kind of on the wrong side of the plane for the light …

DVF: Journey of a Dress with Tuula

Beginning from earlier this year, I have been working on this project for Tuula Vintage – DVF Journey Of A Dress. We started in LA, then to Melbourne and finishing close to her hometown in Sydney with her Mum. It’s special to be able to work on this project with Jessica, because not many people know but we have been friends for over 10 years and I am extremely proud so see how far she has grown and overwhelmed with how much she has achieved. You can see the full blog post here and short video I made here. X