The Cullen Hotel

Steen and I were very excited to “find our inner muse” and be invited to stay at amazing The Cullen Hotel here in Prahran, Melbourne.

After visiting The Cullen Hotel for the first time early last year we were blow away by this unique Art Series Hotel who’s aim is to create unique art inspired experiences for their Guests. 

Only a stone throw after from the hustle and bustle of Chapel St - A side of town that we don’t visit as often as we should - Steen and I felt like we had time to finally unwind, indulge in some incredible food and maybe a cheeky cocktail, followed by the best night sleep i’ve had in a long time. We definitely woke up refreshed and inspired. 

There’s a reason this hotel is rated #1 of best hotels in Prahran and I seriously think it has something to do with that amazing cloud like bed, that I so badly wish I could take home in my overnight bag!

Thank you to the Art Series Hotel for our stay, next stop The Blackman or maybe The Olsen. I can’t decide ;)