Micro-Adventures with TEVA

Taking a break whenever I can back in Australia and visiting all my favourite places to just “be.” A chance to recenter and immerse myself in the beauty that is a place, which I am lucky enough to call home. Kick starting a micro-adventure series with TEVA Australia. // Please head to the full blog post here. Get out there! M. x

The Northern Rivers

We are all visitors here, in this time, in this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow and to love, and then we return home. – Australian Aboriginal proverb Spent some time with good hearts in my soul place. It’s so good to be home. M. x  


It’s not very often at all that I photograph editorials, but I’ll definitely make the exception for my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Joanne; the creator of Altham. A day where everything we had planned went out the window and we found ourselves jumping fences, talking our way out of and narrowly escaping serious trouble (My fault – I’m sorry! Always ask permission first), finding rainbows, chasing fading light and waiting for little rain showers to clear. If you are interested in supporting Australian businesses with attention to fine detail, luxurious fabrics and innovative design concepts please head over to …

Smells Like S U M M E R

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” I get jaded by social media, constantly torn between balancing what I do for a living with the direction I want to head in.  Continuously thinking about how I’m contributing to the industry and HOW I can better use a “voice” to make a positive difference.  Sometimes I can be extremely recluse and often disappear for days without warning. I haven’t really tried to hide my ongoing battle with the highs and lows, especially most recently, it’s something I’ve suffered from my entire life and now …

Golden daze.

I’m currently in-between travel jobs and working on exciting projects, which means I’ve been taking some personal time out for myself lately.. Early mornings and sunrise walks, camping underneath the stars at Mt Barney with one of my oldest and best friends, skinny dipping in the middle of the day with Lexi, World Press photo Exhibition and sitting in the rain for hours with my favourite human on this earth, rock pools and golden afternoons in the bay with my roomie, Aimee, car camping, hours of conversation sitting underneath the moon at Bruns and watching the harvest moon rise. .. And spending any …

L A T E L Y. x

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of low. Here is a snippet of things and people in my life that make it okay. And the times I’ve felt okay to pick up my camera for me. A diary of some sort. Springbrook National park. Sunrise at Burleigh. Sundown on Mount Tambourine. Multiple drives to Byron Bay (always my favourite). A homemade jacket and time well spent with my girl Tay. A sneak peek at something I shot for Altham – Keep your eyes peeled here. SO proud of you Joanne.  Melbourne and the people that make it amazing. Glasshouse Mountains with …

Life as of late.

I love my job and what I do so much, but I also LOVE coming back and spending time adventuring with good friends. What a place to call home. x