The Scenic Rim with Kathmandu Gear

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” –  Jack Kerouac, On the Road: the Original Scroll. Maintaining an active lifestyle and always dreaming my next adventure, big or small, near or far. Camping is a fantastic way to get outdoors, to escape the bustle of everyday life and find some stillness, some peace and tranquility in nature — to reset. Testing out the new summer gear and exploring the Scenic Rim with Kathmandu Gear and my beautiful, new friend Anne Carolien Köhler Sharing moments, making memories. …Leave No Trace. M. xx


“I wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me.”  I recently went on a whirlwind (and I really mean whirlwind) adventure to Colombia with Kathmandu. What can I tell you about it? My itch for South America has only just been scratched and I’m left wanting more. We hit the ground running and began filming at the airport in Medellín city. I’ve never hidden that I am not much of a city girl, but I think the cute streets, botanical gardens and salsa-dancing nightlife in Medellín are attractions I’ll go back for. Despite the worst jet lag …