Another adventure weekend – – sleeping under the stars, wild storms and moments of sunshine, watching the super moon rise, exploring and visiting new and familiar places with my best friend by my side. Get out. Stay Out. x

You, Me & the Sea

We packed the car and went away for an adventure. Driving around the coast of Phillip Island, seal spotting, rainbow sighting, hiking over cliff tops, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sound of the ocean with my best friend. x

Snowy Daze

We visited Marysville last year had such a great time we couldn’t wait for the snow to fall to come back. It’s such a beautiful drive through The Black Spur and past some of our favourite locations in Melbourne. Only 90 minutes away from home and one of the cheapest and funnest ways to waste some time with my best friend. This is only the forth time I have seen snow in my life I think we were the biggest kids there; rolling around, snow angles, snow balls fights, tobogganing races (which I won and Steen didn’t fulfil his part of …

A Weekend Getaway: Pepper’s Mineral Springs

Steen and I took a trip to Pepper’s Mineral Springs over the weekend, a much needed weekend away without work (or maybe just a little bit of work) and mostly some time to relax. This was sort of a belated birthday surprise for Steen. I’ve briefly mentioned before that living and working towards your dream means a lot of sacrifice and in this case we finally had a weekend free together to celebrate his birthday.. a month or so late. And what a weekend it was! Since we moved to Victoria, we have visited The Great Ocean Road and Mornington …

Just Me and You

Living and working together so hard towards one goal and one dream.. can be really rewarding and can be really challenging. I might look glamorous from the outside in, but the fact is we haven’t had a day to spent together “just us” with no work involved in a long while. So we took a drive. A drive to no where and this is what we found. An afternoon with some time to waste, doing exactly what we have always done. x