Live With Us – with COUNTRY ROAD.

ON THE ROAD: With COUNTRY ROAD X Live With Us // THE BLUE MOUNTAINS. I started out on this journey heading in the direction of the unknown. That’s the true freedom and beauty of the open road. You get to discover more of Australia with the windows down, hair blowing wild in the wind, nostalgic songs and good company – all of which makes heart sing. To start, we arose in the darkness and watched the sky break into a new day through my front window. We had a plan without a plan: just make it to the Blue Mountains, …

The Northern Rivers

We are all visitors here, in this time, in this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow and to love, and then we return home. – Australian Aboriginal proverb Spent some time with good hearts in my soul place. It’s so good to be home. M. x  

Golden daze.

I’m currently in-between travel jobs and working on exciting projects, which means I’ve been taking some personal time out for myself lately.. Early mornings and sunrise walks, camping underneath the stars at Mt Barney with one of my oldest and best friends, skinny dipping in the middle of the day with Lexi, World Press photo Exhibition and sitting in the rain for hours with my favourite human on this earth, rock pools and golden afternoons in the bay with my roomie, Aimee, car camping, hours of conversation sitting underneath the moon at Bruns and watching the harvest moon rise. .. And spending any …


Last week I went to Townsville for the first time with Tourism Townsville.  To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I had the greatest time! We ventured from sunset to sunrise on the beautiful Magnetic Island, to Townsville city and Castle Hill, to running around the sugarcane fields and having so much fun in the outback. Thank you for having me Townsville. I have to get back and explore some of the reefs on Magnetic Island. x *Photo 6, 11 & 43 of me, taken by Lauren EP Bath

Life as of late.

I love my job and what I do so much, but I also LOVE coming back and spending time adventuring with good friends. What a place to call home. x