Melbourne Whirlwind.

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.” A much needed and much overdue escape down south to my favourite city in Australia. A whirlwind visit catching up with all of my incredible friends (thank you for everything) and overloading on the best coffee / all my old local restaurants. Nostalgic road trips down to the Mornington Peninsula, car sing-alongs and the always amazing Peninsula hot springs. To top it all off, I became “Aunty” Meli as one of my best friends baby arrived a few days early – little Poppy Lou <3 Not to mention a hot air balloon ride on a …

Spring Break in the Grampians

Before leaving for New Zealand I was apart of The Grampians Spring Break campaign. A fun filled few days of chasing light and fog, plenty of hikes, sunrises above the clouds and watching the sky burn then sparkle with the night sky. Hard to believe this is right in our backyard, The Grampians is only 3 hours just outside of Melbourne. Definitely a must do! The beauty speaks for itself here. Just waiting for a weekend explore.

Winter White

I’ve always wanted that cabin in the snow with a fireplace experience and Peppers Rundells Apline Lodge fulfilled that exact fantasy. Only a 5.5hr drive from our home in Melbourne, Steen and I set off along the Great Apline Road. I remember not too long ago someone recommended this drive to me as they knew of my love adventure and since google imaging it I couldn’t get this place out of my head. I’ve known seen snow a total of 5 times, most recently in Lake Wanaka NZ, which was one of the best days of my life, but there’s …


Another adventure weekend – – sleeping under the stars, wild storms and moments of sunshine, watching the super moon rise, exploring and visiting new and familiar places with my best friend by my side. Get out. Stay Out. x

You, Me & the Sea

We packed the car and went away for an adventure. Driving around the coast of Phillip Island, seal spotting, rainbow sighting, hiking over cliff tops, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sound of the ocean with my best friend. x